10 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Nutritionists Never Eat .

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In recent years, more people have become increasingly concerned with taking better care of hemselves, and marketers have noticed. As a result, almost every label you see at the grocery store now comes covered in buzzwords like ‘natural’, ‘healthy’, or ‘superfood’ in an attempt to make everything you’reating look healthier than it really is.

Yet if you actually look at the ingredients, you’d see that these so-called ‘health foods’ are really just junk food in
disguise. To save you some time, we’ve created a list of 30 foods that nutritionists are begging people to avoid…


Açaí Bowls

  shutteAçaí bowls seem like a healthy snack, but they can be extremely high in calories and sugar when loaded with Açaí bowls seem like a healthy snack, but they can be extremely high in calories and sugar when loaded with

 toppings like granola, nut butters, coconut, and fruit.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is full of saturated fat. While some claim saturated fat isn’t bad for you, the jury

is still out on the popular oil. As a result, nutritionists recommend using monounsaturated fats l

ike avocado or olive oils instead.

Flavored Yogurt

Flavored varieties of yogurt are almost always packed with sugar and artificial flavors.

Boxed Vegetable Pastas

The difference between normal pasta and vegetable pasta are so small that it really

doesn’t make a difference for your health. Instead, try substituting pasta with spiraled vegetables or spaghetti squash.

Flavored Instant Oatmeal

Many instant oatmeals that are flavored are typically loaded with sugar and sodium.

Ideally, instant oatmeal should have less than six grams of sugar and 140 milligrams of salt per serving.

Packaged Smoothies

Not only are pre-made smoothies often packed with sugars, fat, and calories, but they typically don’t keep people full for long.


Even if they may be considered a healthy snack, pretzels are a refined carbohydrate, which means they are basically made of sugar. Aside from

not having any nutritional value, they are easy to overeat since they aren’t very filling.

Veggie Chips

No matter what the chip is made of, even “veggies”, a food fried in saturated and trans fats isn’t doing anything good for your health.

Diet Soda

Diet soda saves you from calories and sugar, but the sugar substitutes and artificial flavors can be even worse for your health.

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