She sacrificed marriage for cats.. Moroccan woman has been feeding cats on rabat streets for 21 years.

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At 10:00 p.m., The Yaacoub Mansour Street in Rabat, Morocco, which is packed with pedestrians during the day, is empty except for some people and cars.On the pavement, some cats gathered eagerly, from time to time, towards the arch of Bab al-Rawah (a large gate on the historic Rabat wall). It was only a few minutes until "Atika" appeared on her motorcycle, and as soon as she stopped the cats ran towards her and shaved around her,the 50-year-old woman put her hand in large bags carrying her and started feeding her.This is the case of The Ancient, the merciful woman with the cats of Rabat and her dogs for 21 years, where she tells the «Arab Post»,that she began to feed the cats of the streets of the capital since 1997,pointing out that her motive was - and still - mercy with these animals "poor cats who can not express their pain and hunger",in addition to filling "I had to be busy, I was having a vacuum," she said.She adds that she begins her night tour at around 8 or 9 p.m., and continues until midnight,during which some neighborhoods of Rabat, by chance, walk by the cats in gatherings, throwing away the food she carries in her bags, explaining that she has never stopped the habit since 1997."I always feed street cats on every day of the week and on holidays, even on my professional vacation," says Atika,who caresses a blind cat, and then talks about the cat in her hands: "This blind cat and I found it small years ago,she was walking unguided, so I knew she didn't see, she made my heart and brought her home with me."Now she's a dedicated booster," she says with a laugh.
السيدة عتيقة مع إحدى قططها
The lady is old with one of her cats.

From the job to another.

Every evening, She returns from her job at a government institution, and instead of lying on a sofa or taking a break in front of the TV,she changes her work clothes, and wears her other work clothes: a tracksuit, sneakers, and a sports cap as well.
She then hastily eats her food before heading to a wholesale market, bringing about 30 kilograms of chicken heads, legs and guts. She puts some at one of the night guards,returns to him at night, while bringing the rest with her, putting them in a cupboard near the entrance to the building where she lives
.The 50-year-old woman returns home tired, but she continues her relentless movement actively, coming to work with great vigour to prevent laziness from leaking into her body,while she rises to the peace she watered the cats and barked dogs, and as soon as she opened the door, the cats and dogs raced to her. In an interview with The Arab Post, Atika said:
"I drew her (her love, she means her animals), and we can't live without her (and I can't live without her)."She arranged what could be arranged in the house, and left him with her five dogs on a tour between rabat's alleys and streets,without putting any slings on her neck, telling The Arab Post and wishing her to caress a black dog: "There is no need to tie her,because she does not attack anyone, i walk around like this and stay close to me." Hours later, she returns old and is surrounded by herpets.Thewoman looked at her phone screen, and found the clock indicated at 8 p.m., time began to take her, the night tour was about to feed the street cats,so it was necessary to feed the cats of the house first, entered the kitchen and put 5 cats and two chicken shards cooked, in pots on the floor.The dogs feed them after the tour.
السيدة عتيقة خلال جولتها المسائية
The lady is old during her evening tour.

Shelter for vulnerable animals .

The 50-year-old woman has transformed her small apartment into a shelter for vulnerable animals of dogs and cats, although the apartment has only two rooms and a kitchen,it houses 7 dogs and 6 cats, each with a piece with antique, this black dog that you call "Black" found it 5 years ago,thrown in the street and its age does not exceed "I found him moaning in the street, his eyes closed, so I took him home with me," she says, looking at him.The dog Luna, found seven years ago near a park, was then small and weak, I found her lying on the pavement, she was small, weak and sick with the jars, and the tick covers her slender body,while she found the Rosa years ago, throwing on the side of the road after she hit her A car, says Old: «I found her moaning beside the pavement,and her whole body is bruised, but she did not suffer any fractures, so she brought her home and treated her», as well as the Peggy with one eye, while the Bella found her by some police men small, and asked the old one to take care of her,because they know her She cares about dogs and cats.

Alone between cats and dogs.

The woman, who lives alone in her apartment, as she only forgets dogs and cats, adds that at first she was only housed in cats,
because they are "weak animals and deposits", but her house was subjected to a double attempt to steal it,
which led her to think about bringing some dogs, saying: "Sometimes the number of dogs in my apartment exceeds Tenth."
She tells The Arab Post that she gave many families dogs and cats during her career in this field,stressing that she does not sell her animals, who wants a dog or a cat that gave him it for free,and says: "I am happy to find someone to take care of her (dogs and cats), the only policeman is to take care of her," and adds that all of the A dog or cat took his phone number, to call him from time to time, to check on her animals.The woman continued that she once found a poor puppy, "a skeleton covered with fur",so her heart did not obey her to leave him in the street, so she brought him home, then took him to a veterinarian, so he prescribed him several medications, she kept giving it to him until he was correct, and she goes on saying thatshe was walking around him once, and he saw him The children of a European citizen living in Morocco liked it, so I "gave it to them".
تعتني السيدة عتيقة بالقطط في الشارع وفي منزلها
Old lady takes care of cats on the street and in her house.

She sacrificed marriage for cats.
Atika says that her care for cats, which began at the end of the last century, has become an indispensable addiction as the days go by.And because in the early years she was content to feed cats in the street, she noticed her husband's dissatisfaction with her behaviorwithoutdisclosing
it, and adds: "When she started sheltering cats at home she bothered my husband about it, but I was insisting on what I was doing,so he left he house in 2008 before we documented our divorce two years later." You will realize: "But we remained friends,I understood his aversion to cats and my compassion for them."
5-star gut scans and food.
The old animals are fed at home and on the street from their own money, with a salary of only 4,200 dirhams (about $400) a month, half of which is devoted to feeding and treating animals, while the rest is spent on rent and the rest of the living requirements.She continues with abusy daily schedule, waking up early in the morning to feed her pets, then re-arranging and cleaning her modest apartment,washing pots, sweepingthe floor, washing it with detergent, then going to work, and when she returns in the evening she finds other tasks waiting for her.